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Box Score - Oct 26, 2023

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals0
13Total Shots13
4Shots On Target3
0Goals Allowed0
11Fouls Committed14
1Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
S. Smith030000
C. Boeckmann021000
G. Ivey020000
T. Pounds010000
M. Hayes011000
M. Mcdonald011000
S. Becerra011000
A. Armenta010000
M. Matula010010
K. Colvin000000
K. Caldwell000000
A. Williams000000
M. Pante000000
M. Matula000000
J. Wilkinson000000
C. Calzada000000
Game Stats
M. Baker031000
I. Hermannsdottir, M031000
A. Galligan030000
M. Swift010000
J. Humbyrd010010
K. Major011000
C. Swierenga010000
R. Noel000000
T. Dobles000000
M. Gordon000000
N. Johnson000000
B. Bertram000000
T. Gillis000000
S. Glover000000
J. Ollivierre000000
D. Shannon000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Shot by TAM Smith, Sam, out top.00
5'Offside against LSU.00
7'Shot by TAM Becerra, Sydney, bottom left, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
11'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, out left.00
12'Corner kick [11:26].00
13'Corner kick [12:54].00
15'Shot by LSU Galligan, Ava.00
19'Offside against Texas A&M.00
22'Shot by LSU Hermannsdottir, Ida.00
27'LSU substitution: Shannon, Danielle for Ollivierre, Jocelyn.00
27'TAM substitution: Hayes, Maile for Smith, Sam.00
27'TAM substitution: McDonald, MaKhiya for Wilkinson, Jazmine.00
28'Shot by LSU Hermannsdottir, Ida, bottom center, saved by Caldwell, Kenna.00
29'Shot by LSU Humbyrd, Jaden, out left.00
30'LSU substitution: Major, Kelsey for Dobles, Taylor.00
30'TAM substitution: Ivey, Grace for Williams, Andersen.00
30'Corner kick [29:55].00
31'TAM substitution: Boeckmann, Carissa for Becerra, Sydney.00
31'Shot by TAM Armenta, Adysen, out left.00
34'Shot by TAM Hayes, Maile, top, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
35'LSU substitution: Bertram, Britney for Hermannsdottir, Ida.00
35'LSU substitution: Johnson, Nevaeh for Galligan, Ava.00
35'LSU substitution: Glover, Sage for Humbyrd, Jaden.00
35'TAM substitution: Colvin, Kate for Pante, Mia.00
36'Shot by TAM Ivey, Grace, out top.00
37'Shot by TAM McDonald, MaKhiya, bottom left, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
38'Corner kick [37:07].00
38'Offside against Texas A&M.00
43'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, out right.00
44'Shot by TAM Boeckmann, Carissa, bottom center, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
2nd Half
45'LSU substitution: Humbyrd, Jaden for Bertram, Britney.00
45'LSU substitution: Hermannsdottir, Ida for Major, Kelsey.00
45'LSU substitution: Galligan, Ava for Johnson, Nevaeh.00
45'LSU substitution: Dobles, Taylor for Glover, Sage.00
45'TAM substitution: Smith, Sam for Boeckmann, Carissa.00
45'TAM substitution: Williams, Andersen for Colvin, Kate.00
45'TAM substitution: Pante, Mia for Ivey, Grace.00
45'TAM substitution: Becerra, Sydney for McDonald, MaKhiya.00
46'Foul on Humbyrd, Jaden.00
46'Yellow card on LSU Humbyrd, Jaden.00
52'Foul on Pounds, Taylor.00
52'Corner kick [51:34].00
53'Shot by TAM Smith, Sam, out top.00
55'Shot by LSU Hermannsdottir, Ida, out left.00
57'Foul on Pounds, Taylor.00
57'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, top, saved by Caldwell, Kenna.00
57'LSU Mollee Swift PENALTY KICK MISS.00
59'TAM substitution: Boeckmann, Carissa for Hayes, Maile.00
59'TAM substitution: Wilkinson, Jazmine for Williams, Andersen.00
60'Offside against LSU.00
60'Shot by TAM Pounds, Taylor, out top.00
61'Shot by LSU Galligan, Ava, out top left.00
63'TAM substitution: McDonald, MaKhiya for Smith, Sam.00
64'Shot by TAM Boeckmann, Carissa, out top right.00
67'Foul on Pounds, Taylor.00
67'Corner kick [66:02].00
67'Shot by LSU Galligan, Ava, out top.00
68'LSU substitution: Ollivierre, Jocelyn for Humbyrd, Jaden.00
68'LSU substitution: Glover, Sage for Dobles, Taylor.00
70'Foul on Glover, Sage.00
70'Corner kick [69:09].00
70'TAM substitution: Hayes, Maile for Wilkinson, Jazmine.00
72'Foul on Gillis, Tori.00
73'LSU substitution: Major, Kelsey for Hermannsdottir, Ida.00
73'TAM substitution: Ivey, Grace for Becerra, Sydney.00
78'Shot by TAM Ivey, Grace, out right.00
78'TAM substitution: Becerra, Sydney for Ivey, Grace.00
81'Shot by LSU Major, Kelsey, top, saved by Caldwell, Kenna.00
82'LSU substitution: Hermannsdottir, Ida for Shannon, Danielle.00
82'LSU substitution: Dobles, Taylor for Major, Kelsey.00
82'LSU substitution: Humbyrd, Jaden for Glover, Sage.00
83'Corner kick [82:05].00
86'TAM substitution: Wilkinson, Jazmine for Pante, Mia.00
86'TAM substitution: Smith, Sam for Hayes, Maile.00
87'Shot by LSU Swierenga, Caley, out right.00
89'Shot by TAM Smith, Sam.00
89'Corner kick [88:26].00
89'Yellow card on TAM Matula, Margo.00
90'Corner kick [89:16].00
90'Shot by TAM Matula, Margo, out right.00