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Box Score - Oct 22, 2023

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals4
6Total Shots9
3Shots On Target4
4Goals Allowed0
5Fouls Committed6
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
C. Bethune031000
N. Vernis010000
H. White011000
M. Haugen011000
M. McKenzie000000
T. Rish000000
T. Penn000000
A. Stadeker000000
A. Akers000000
J. Brown000000
M. Filson000000
C. Hardin000000
S. Denigan000000
C. Brathwaite000000
O. Briede000000
V. Odom000000
K. Staude000000
D. Winters000000
J. Chinea000000
A. Unkraut000000
Game Stats
C. Barry122100
B. Behm121000
G. Falla111000
T. Jacobson020000
S. O'Rourke010000
C. Dike010000
H. Hinz000000
C. Dixon000000
C. Leffler000000
C. Zullo000000
H. Meadows000000
R. Forster000100
M. Spiehs000100
L. Render000000
M. Bryant000010
D. Drake000000
H. Torres000000
S. Johnson000000
C. Zulauf000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
4'Corner kick [03:15].00
4'GOAL by SCAR Falla, Gracie Assist by Spiehs, Megan.01
9'Yellow card on SCAR Bryant, Micah.01
14'Shot by UGA Vernis, Nicole, out top left.01
15'GOAL by SCAR Behm, Brianna Assist by Barry, Catherine.02
18'Foul on Torres, Hollyn.02
20'SCAR substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Spiehs, Megan.02
20'UGA substitution: Winters, Devon for Vernis, Nicole.02
28'UGA substitution: Unkraut, Abby for Dunn, Jessie.02
28'SCAR substitution: Jacobson, Taylor for O'Rourke, Shae.02
28'UGA substitution: Brathwaite, Christian for Bethune, Croix.02
28'UGA substitution: Akers, Aly for Denigan, Summer.02
28'UGA substitution: Hart, Morgan for Hardin, Cate.02
28'UGA substitution: Rish, Taylor for Mckenzie, Mallie.02
28'UGA substitution: Chinea, Jocelyn for White, Hannah.02
29'UGA substitution: Stadeker, Alyssa for Odom, Virginia.02
30'Shot by SCAR Jacobson, Taylor, blocked.02
37'SCAR substitution: Johnson, Sophie for Dixon, Camryn.02
37'SCAR substitution: Zulauf, Cuyler for Barry, Catherine.02
37'SCAR substitution: Dike, Chidubem for Render, Lily.02
37'UGA substitution: Filson, Millie for Haugen, Madison.02
39'UGA substitution: Briede, Olivia for Chinea, Jocelyn.02
40'Shot by SCAR Behm, Brianna, out left.02
42'Corner kick [41:16].02
44'Offside against South Carolina.02
2nd Half
45'SCAR substitution: Dixon, Camryn for Jacobson, Taylor.02
45'SCAR substitution: Spiehs, Megan for Zullo, Corinna.02
45'SCAR substitution: O'Rourke, Shae for Torres, Hollyn.02
45'SCAR substitution: Render, Lily for Dike, Chidubem.02
45'UGA substitution: Denigan, Summer for Stadeker, Alyssa.02
45'UGA substitution: Haugen, Madison for Unkraut, Abby.02
45'UGA substitution: Dunn, Jessie for Brathwaite, Christian.02
45'UGA substitution: Bethune, Croix for Akers, Aly.02
45'UGA substitution: Hardin, Cate for Staude, Kiera.02
45'UGA substitution: Odom, Virginia for Filson, Millie.02
45'UGA substitution: White, Hannah for Hart, Morgan.02
45'UGA substitution: Mckenzie, Mallie for Rish, Taylor.02
45'UGA substitution: Vernis, Nicole for Briede, Olivia.02
50'Shot by UGA Bethune, Croix, out top left.03
51'Foul on Behm, Brianna.12
51'Offside against Georgia.03
53'Shot by UGA Haugen, Madison, top, saved by Hinz, Heather.03
53'Corner kick [52:39].03
55'SCAR substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Spiehs, Megan.03
55'Corner kick [54:46].03
58'SCAR substitution: Barry, Catherine for Zulauf, Cuyler.03
58'UGA substitution: Staude, Kiera for Denigan, Summer.03
58'UGA substitution: Hart, Morgan for Dunn, Jessie.03
58'UGA substitution: Brathwaite, Christian for Odom, Virginia.03
59'SCAR substitution: Torres, Hollyn for Johnson, Sophie.03
63'SCAR substitution: Jacobson, Taylor for Bryant, Micah.03
63'SCAR substitution: Forster, Rylee for Behm, Brianna.03
63'SCAR substitution: Drake, Dru for O'Rourke, Shae.03
63'UGA substitution: Unkraut, Abby for Hardin, Cate.03
63'Shot by UGA Bethune, Croix, top right, saved by Hinz, Heather.03
64'Corner kick [63:07].03
66'UGA substitution: Akers, Aly for Vernis, Nicole.03
66'Shot by SCAR Barry, Catherine, bottom center, saved by Brown, Jordan.03
67'Shot by UGA White, Hannah, bottom right, saved by Hinz, Heather.03
68'Shot by UGA Bethune, Croix.03
70'SCAR substitution: Spiehs, Megan for Zullo, Corinna.03
70'UGA substitution: Penn, Tori for Bethune, Croix.03
73'GOAL by SCAR Barry, Catherine Assist by Forster, Rylee.04
73'SCAR substitution: Bryant, Micah for Drake, Dru.04
73'UGA substitution: Briede, Olivia for White, Hannah.04
79'SCAR substitution: Johnson, Sophie for Barry, Catherine.04
79'SCAR substitution: Dike, Chidubem for Render, Lily.04
79'UGA substitution: Filson, Millie for Haugen, Madison.04
79'UGA substitution: Stadeker, Alyssa for Brathwaite, Christian.04
79'UGA substitution: Rish, Taylor for Winters, Devon.04
79'UGA substitution: Chinea, Jocelyn for Mckenzie, Mallie.04
79'Shot by SCAR Jacobson, Taylor, out top.04
81'SCAR substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Dixon, Camryn.04
82'SCAR substitution: O'Rourke, Shae for Spiehs, Megan.04
82'SCAR substitution: Zulauf, Cuyler for Forster, Rylee.04
82'UGA substitution: Brathwaite, Christian for Staude, Kiera.04
82'UGA substitution: Odom, Virginia for Unkraut, Abby.04
84'Shot by SCAR O'Rourke, Shae, out right.04
84'Shot by SCAR Dike, Chidubem, out right.04
85'SCAR substitution: Leffler, Caitlyn for Falla, Gracie.04