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Box Score - Oct 5, 2023

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals1
6Total Shots14
1Shots On Target5
1Goals Allowed0
7Fouls Committed8
1Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
M. Baker030000
I. Hermannsdottir, M021000
S. Glover010000
R. Noel000000
T. Dobles000000
M. Gordon000000
M. Swift000000
N. Johnson000000
B. Bertram000000
J. Humbyrd000000
T. Gillis000000
L. Gonzales000000
K. Major000000
J. Ollivierre000000
R. Prince000000
D. Shannon000010
H. Hartman000000
A. Galligan000000
C. Swierenga000000
Game Stats
R. Schubach142000
S. O'Rourke042000
L. Render031000
C. Barry020000
B. Behm010000
H. Hinz000000
C. Dixon000000
C. Zullo000000
H. Meadows000000
M. Spiehs000000
E. Bucci000000
T. Jacobson000000
M. Bryant000000
D. Drake000000
G. Falla000010
H. Torres000000
A. Cayelli000000
C. Zulauf000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
12'Offside against South Carolina.00
12'Shot by SCAR O'Rourke, Shae, bottom right, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
14'Shot by SCAR O'Rourke, Shae.00
14'Shot by SCAR Barry, Catherine, out right.00
16'Shot by LSU Hermannsdottir, Ida, out top right.00
20'SCAR substitution: Behm, Brianna for Spiehs, Megan.00
21'Shot by SCAR Render, Lily.00
21'Shot by SCAR Render, Lily.00
22'Shot by SCAR Behm, Brianna.00
23'LSU substitution: Humbyrd, Jaden for Hermannsdottir, Ida.00
25'LSU substitution: Galligan, Ava for Bertram, Britney.00
29'SCAR substitution: Schubach, Reagan for O'Rourke, Shae.00
30'Shot by SCAR Render, Lily, bottom left, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
30'Corner kick [29:43].00
38'Offside against LSU.00
39'LSU substitution: Prince, Raelyn for Shannon, Danielle.00
39'SCAR substitution: Zulauf, Cuyler for Behm, Brianna.00
40'Shot by SCAR Schubach, Reagan, out right.00
40'SCAR substitution: Cayelli, Autumn for Barry, Catherine.00
40'SCAR substitution: Drake, Dru for Zullo, Corinna.00
40'LSU substitution: Johnson, Nevaeh for Dobles, Taylor.00
40'LSU substitution: Major, Kelsey for Glover, Sage.00
41'Corner kick [40:49].00
42'Shot by SCAR Schubach, Reagan, top, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
2nd Half
45'SCAR substitution: Barry, Catherine for Cayelli, Autumn.00
45'SCAR substitution: Behm, Brianna for Zulauf, Cuyler.00
45'SCAR substitution: O'Rourke, Shae for Drake, Dru.00
45'LSU substitution: Shannon, Danielle for Prince, Raelyn.00
45'LSU substitution: Hermannsdottir, Ida for Humbyrd, Jaden.00
45'LSU substitution: Dobles, Taylor for Johnson, Nevaeh.00
45'LSU substitution: Glover, Sage for Swierenga, Caley.00
45'LSU substitution: Gillis, Tori for Major, Kelsey.00
48'Corner kick [47:50].00
50'Yellow card on SCAR Falla, Gracie.00
56'GOAL by SCAR Schubach, Reagan.01
56'LSU substitution: Bertram, Britney for Glover, Sage.01
57'Corner kick [56:52].01
59'SCAR substitution: Jacobson, Taylor for Barry, Catherine.01
59'SCAR substitution: Spiehs, Megan for Bryant, Micah.01
60'Corner kick [59:02].01
60'Shot by SCAR O'Rourke, Shae, top right, saved by Swift, Mollee.01
61'Corner kick [60:03].01
61'SCAR substitution: Zulauf, Cuyler for Behm, Brianna.01
61'Shot by SCAR Schubach, Reagan, top woodwork.01
63'Shot by SCAR O'Rourke, Shae.01
63'SCAR substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Schubach, Reagan.01
66'LSU substitution: Major, Kelsey for Hermannsdottir, Ida.01
68'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, out top.01
70'SCAR substitution: Barry, Catherine for O'Rourke, Shae.01
70'LSU substitution: Johnson, Nevaeh for Shannon, Danielle.01
70'LSU substitution: Humbyrd, Jaden for Dobles, Taylor.01
72'Offside against South Carolina.01
73'SCAR substitution: Bryant, Micah for Jacobson, Taylor.01
73'LSU substitution: Gonzales, Laney for Bertram, Britney.01
73'LSU substitution: Glover, Sage for Noel, Rammie.01
76'SCAR substitution: Behm, Brianna for Torres, Hollyn.01
76'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, out right.01
78'LSU substitution: Swierenga, Caley for Gillis, Tori.01
80'SCAR substitution: Torres, Hollyn for Zullo, Corinna.01
80'SCAR substitution: Schubach, Reagan for Dixon, Camryn.01
80'SCAR substitution: O'Rourke, Shae for Spiehs, Megan.01
80'SCAR substitution: Jacobson, Taylor for Render, Lily.01
80'LSU substitution: Hermannsdottir, Ida for Major, Kelsey.01
81'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, out top.01
82'Shot by LSU Glover, Sage, out left.01
83'Shot by SCAR Barry, Catherine, out top.01
86'SCAR substitution: Dixon, Camryn for Zulauf, Cuyler.01
86'SCAR substitution: Render, Lily for Behm, Brianna.01
86'SCAR substitution: Bucci, Emma for Jacobson, Taylor.01
86'LSU substitution: Noel, Rammie for Ollivierre, Jocelyn.01
86'LSU substitution: Shannon, Danielle for Humbyrd, Jaden.01
86'LSU substitution: Hartman, Hali for Gonzales, Laney.01
86'LSU substitution: Dobles, Taylor for Glover, Sage.01
87'Corner kick [86:35].01
88'Shot by LSU Hermannsdottir, Ida, top, saved by Hinz, Heather.01
89'Yellow card on LSU Shannon, Danielle.01