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H. Boyd McWhorter Award Winners

1560 days ago

The H. Boyd McWhorter Scholar-Athlete Post-Graduate Scholarship has been presented by the Southeastern Conference since 1986 to the league's top male and female scholar-athletes.

McWhorter Award Winners
Year Award Winner, School (sport)
1986 John Young, Tennessee (track) and Virginia Diederich, Georgia (swimming)
1987 Jeff Noblin, Ole Miss (football) and Julie Estin, Alabama (gymnastics)
1988 Danny Hoskins, Ole Miss (football) and Linda Leith, Georgia (swimming)
1989 Mikael Olander, LSU (track) and Deanne Burnett, Georgia (swimming)
1990 Burke Masters, Mississippi State (baseball) and Janice Kerr, Florida (gymnastics)
1991 Al Parker, Georgia (tennis) and Patty Wiegand, Tennessee (track and cross country)
1992 Jeff Laubenthal, Alabama (baseball) and Jenifer Kleyn, Auburn (volleyball)
1993 Lang Wiseman, Tennessee (basketball) and Aimee York, Mississippi State (volleyball)
1994 Peter Duitsman, South Carolina (soccer) and Tammy Newlon, Mississippi State (basketball)
1995 Michael Blanchard, LSU (football) and April Ecke, Mississippi State (cross country)
1996 Martin Nyberg, LSU (swimming) and Michelle Palmisano, Vanderbilt (basketball)
1997 Andrew DeVooght, Georgia (swimming) and Meredith Willard, Alabama (gymnastics)
1998 Jeremy Jackson, Mississippi State (baseball) and Shani Abshier, South Carolina (volleyball)
1999 Jeff Zurcher, Kentucky (football) and Jessica Field, Arkansas (volleyball)
2000 Joey Pitts, Georgia (tennis) and Lisette Lee, LSU (golf)
2001 Scott Westerfield, Mississippi State (football) and Kim Black, Georgia (swimming)
2002 Trey Dyson, South Carolina (baseball) and Tiffany Woolley, Arkansas (softball)
2003 Matt Bonner, Florida (basketball) and Kristin Sterner, Alabama (gymnastics)
2004 Caesar Garcia, Auburn (swimming & diving) and Lauren Imwalle, Alabama (soccer)
2005 Rob Robertson, Ole Miss (football) and Lauryn McCalley, Tennessee (swimming & diving)
2006 Rudy Niswanger, LSU (football) and Sarah Lowe, Florida (basketball)
2007 Emeel Salem, Alabama (baseball) and Erika Schneble, Vanderbilt (track & field)
2008 Joseph Sykora, Alabama (golf) and Kristen Hastrup, Auburn (swimming & diving)
2009 Bram ten Berge, Ole Miss (tennis) and Christine Magnuson, Tennessee (swimming & diving)
2010 Jordan Anderson, Auburn (swimming & diving) and Phoebe Wright, Tennessee (track & field)
2011 Dan Mazzaferro, Auburn (swimming & diving) and Erica Meissner, Auburn (swimming & diving)
2012 Michael Roth, South Carolina (baseball) and Wendy Trott, Georgia (swimming & diving)
2013 Barrett Jones, Alabama (football) and Chelsea Oswald, Kentucky (track & field/cross country)
2014 Cory Whitsett, Alabama (golf) and Shannon Vreeland, Georgia (swimming)
2015 Nathanael Franks, Arkansas (track & field) and Maddie Locus, Georgia (swimming)
2016 Forrest Gamble, Ole Miss (golf) and Haylie McCleney, Alabama (softball)
2017 Anton McKee, Alabama (swimming & diving) and Sarah Gibson, Texas A&M (swimming & diving)
2018 Parker Henry, Tennessee (football) and Kelly Quinn, LSU (volleyball)
2019 Nathan Hite, Texas A&M (track & field) and Kristin Quah, Vanderbilt (bowling)
2020 Skylar Mays, LSU (basketball) and Asia Seidt, Kentucky (swimming & diving)
2021 Jon Bishop, Texas A&M (track & field) and Savanna Faulconer, Florida (swimming & diving)
2022 Austin Williams, Mississippi State (football) and Lisa Gunnarsson, LSU (track & field)